Possibilities are Infinite

Athletes and performers continuously strive to challenge their potential.
They push through the limits.
They glow with eyes full of passion towards new challenges.
They question themselves not being able to overcome obstacles.
They hold back tears in face of unachieved goals.

Every moment is beautiful.
Every moment is full of pride.

The way they continuously tackle themselves give us courage, hope, and comfort.
That is why we all cheer them on.

We will strive alongside your journey as the fiber you can depend on.
We will support you with our technology, all the way.

What's Nanofront®

Aiming to realize the finest and strongest fiber,
we developed the world's first ultra-fine polyester fiber, Nanofront®.
The diameter is 700 nm , which is finer than microfibers
and the cross-section area is merely 1/7500 of a single human hair.
Such fine fiber is difficult to manufacture in a form of filament (a continuous threadlike fiber).
However, our original technology based on our accumulated R&D and production engineering know-how has made the development and manufacturing a reality.
This has made a wide variety of applications possible, and in consideration to the environment,
Nanofront® is also available in recycled material.

The Nanofront® has a cross-section area
of merely 1/7500 of a human hair

  • Hair (diameter 60µm)
  • Microfiber (diameter 2µm)
  • Nanofront® (diameter 700nm)

Nanofront®, the technology you can depend on


Gripping Force

The feature is based on biomimicry: the mechanism of the densely grown hair on a gecko 's paw, which generates friction and makes it possible for a gecko to climb a wall. By weaving our ultra-fine fiber Nanofront® into fabric with fine and dense structure, the surface density becomes ten times greater than with other fibers. This creates a nanoscale uneven surface, and generates friction, generating a firm gripping force. Furthermore, this force is maintained even when wet with moisture such as rain and sweat. In general, moisture forms a layer in between surfaces, which prevents friction and cause slippage. However, fabric made from Nanofront® absorbs moisture, which makes it difficult for a layer of moisture to form, and the firm force from friction is maintained. This is how Nanofront® contributes to the user's performance regardless of the environment.



Comfort is a state of the body feeling at ease. The flexibility of a fiber is inversely proportional to the fiber's thickness to the fourth power. For example, Nanofront® is 200,000 times more flexible compared to a normal polyester fiber with a diameter of 15 µm. Fabric woven with this much flexibility has a soft and gentle touch fitting the surface of the skin and minimizes the damage from friction. Also, finer the fiber is, wider the surface area becomes, and it allows more moisture to be evaporated. During exercises, the quicker the fiber absorbs and diffuses the sweat, the more it can prevent the body temperature to rise. Nanofront® realizes comfort with a stress-free fit and the ability to assist body temperature control.


Heat Reflection

The source of heat within the solar light is the infrared light which wavelength is 780 nm to 1 mm. Therefore, cutting off the light within this wavelength cuts off heat. Dense fabric woven from Nanofront® with a diameter of merely 700 nm randomly reflects the infrared light range, minimizing the amount penetrated, resulting in efficient heat reflection. This allows comfortable outdoor activity under the sun with a cool feel.

Grip Performance Test